Air Conditioning Installations Mesa, AZ


Mesa Air Conditioning performs hundreds of new HVAC installs of residents of MESA Arizona. We also perform new air conditioning & heating installations for commercial applications ( businesses).


George performing a rooftop unit heat pump installation for one of our maintenance contract customers. Mesa Air Conditioning has been performing professional installations in Mesa, Arizona since 1996.  We pride ourselves in the work we do and it shows.


To properly install an air conditioning or heating unit in Mesa , AZ you must follow the proper procedures such as:


  • Proper load sizing to match the right unit with your application


  • Take into consideration whats the most efficiency you will get out of unit


  • Take measurements and ensure the existing duct work will carry air properly with the potential new unit


  • Perform the air conditioner installation to ASHRAE specifications.


If all these procedures are followed your new AC unit should last beyond the expected life span. If these careful steps are not taken you can expect a premature failure of your equipment.